MBD: About us

About us

Monkey Business Design specialises in spaces for play and relaxation, outdoor timber structures, green walls and green roofs.

MBD diverged from Garden Doctor in 2014. Garden Doctor is a traditional garden and landscaping company that continues to service the domestic landscaping market.

At MBD we use our own team of skilled horticulturalists, landscapers and carpenters to carry out our design specifications to a very high standard. We also manage specialist contractors for you, such as structural engineers and bricklayers. Thus we attempt to ensure a seamless and fully managed process from the initial design concept to the final completion of the project.

Meet the team

Chris Swinburn, Managing Director and designer.

Chris set up Garden Doctor and Monkey Business Design and has many year’s experience in landscaping, gardening and building in wood. He has worked previously in arboriculture, parks management and environmental education and is a father of two.

Site team leader vacancy

Applications for this position are welcomed from anyone who has  proven landscaping and carpentry skills.

Tony Hopkins, Landscaper.

Tony is a skilled landscaper, on the team several years with Garden Doctor and now Monkey Business Design. 

Claudia Titley, contract researcher, designer and illustrator.

Claudia also runs a charity she helped set up; SOS Africa.

Working greener

We won’t pretend that there isn’t a significant ecological footprint made in any project but we shall always think on ways to reduce and off-set ours. Here are some examples:

Select native plants, value wild spaces and wildlife corridors and create new habitats.
Reduce dependence on high incorporated energy cement products.
Seek ways to recycle rain water in irrigation and minimise run-off to drains.
Plant native, leave wild spaces and wildlife corridors and add to habitats, including in vertical and roof structures.
Use natural fertilisers and conditioners in planting schemes and biological control of pests and invasives in ponds.

Please contact us if you need more information about out environmental policies.